Meplaw USA

 Meplaw USA

The American offices are the westernmost offices of the Meplaw Group.

Meplaw operates in New York through Corporate MEP MMA INC., carrying out all those activities reserved for Corporate and Tax consulting, immigration, and Import-Export matters. Additionally, Meplaw operates through MEPLAW P.C. functioning as a reputable law firm, headquartered in Washington D.C. with its operational base in Fort Lauderdale (FL), and licensed to practice in New York (NY) handling all those activities reserved for our Attorney-at-law in the areas of Real Estate, Contractual matters, Litigation, and Legal Advice.

Through the American offices, MEPLAW assists both companies and Italian individuals residing locally, as well as Italians interested in expanding their business operations within American territory.

MEPLAW is operationally an Italian firm in America and works in close connection with the Italian offices of the group, aiming to establish mutually agreed strategies and activities to be implemented in favor of compatriots who intend to rely on our firm.

Our American offices include Italian Lawyers and Accountants licensed in the United States, along with Realtors, Business Consultants, Intellectual Property Consultants, and Financial Advisors, all of whom are either Italian or Italian speakers.

MEP MMA INC. (MepAmerica) is mainly engaged in:

  • Immigration
  • Incorporation of companies in the USA
  • Corporate Governance
  • Intellectual Property Consulting
  • Trust Formation Counseling
  • Consulting in Gambling and New Technologies
  • International Corporate Consulting
  • Consulting in Privacy
  • Financial management
  • Tax Consulting
  • Opening a Bank Account in the USA
  • International Accounting
  • Directorship Services
  • International Taxation

MEPLAW P.C. (Meplaw) deals mainly with

  • Legal Advice
  • Litigation
  • International Arbitrations
  • Real Estate
  • Contracting



Fabio Maggesi
Managing Partner 
Avvocato Prof 
Dep.  Web Law
Office Rome 
Languages IT- EN

Luca Marco Giraldin
Management Consultant
Dep.  Corporate
Office NY
Languages IT – EN – DE – FR

John Paul Crocenzi
Accountant CPA
Dep.  Tax
Office NY
Languages IT – EN

Giulia Sambugaro
Attorney at law
Dep.  Corporate
Office New York 
Languages IT – EN – ES

Massimo Reboa
Attorney at Law
Dep.  Real Estate
Office Fort Lauderdale
Languages IT – EN – ES

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