Today more than ever, the internationalization has become crucial for the development and growth of every company. Since businesses are crossing national borders, a law firm must provide its services accordingly. For this reason, MEPLAW makes available to their clients, lawyers and accountants qualified from several jurisdictions, ready to assist the company during the entire internationalization process.

In regard to the legal matters the firm provides the following services:

Company set up
• Merger and acquisition
• Tender and projects
• Licensing
• Intellectual Property
• International contracts
• Direct and indirect export
• Corporate
• Cross-border litigation
• Competition and Antitrust
• E-commerce


In regard to the tax matters the firm provides the following services:

Accounting and bookkeeping
• Financing & Fundraising
• Tax planning
• Assistance with banks and financial institutions

MEPLAW is present in the following countries:

United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Austria, Germany, Russia, Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Denmark, Cyprus, UAE, Japan, Egypt, Brazil, Tunisia, Morocco, Luxembourg, Thailand, South Africa, Australia.

Department Chiefs: Avv. Prof. Fabio Maggesi and  Avv. Lorenzo Macchi Founding  Partners

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