Force majeure in the international commercial practice

In international commercial contracts it is common for the parties to include a force majeure clause.  Although the definition of force majeure varies in different jurisdictions, it is possible to deduce a general notion of force majeure in the international practice from the examination of Art. 7.1.7 of the UNIDROIT Principles, Art. 79 of the […]
  • Posted by Gabriele Zabbatino
  • On 21 June 2021
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As the grounding of the M/V EVER GIVEN has placed an incredible burden on the global trade and the maritime cluster, MEPLAW has set up an emergency hotline to provide quick response to the operators seeking assistance in relation to the Suez Canal casualty. General average has been declared and cargo owners may be required […]
  • Posted by Lorenzo Macchi
  • On 13 April 2021
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